Spring Wedding Skin Care Tips

Spring wedding season has arrived and now is the time that many brides (and bridesmaids) are thinking of how they can look their best on the big day. We spoke with award-winning stylist Melanie Tremblay, the owner and principal hair & makeup stylist for popular Vancouver-based Mink Hair & Makeup for her advice on when skin treatments should be done for the wedding party. See Melanie’s advice or risk walking down the aisle with less than perfect skin.

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Q: In order to have a flawless face on the wedding day, how far in advance should beauty treatments like facials be done?

A: As far in advance as possible. The longer you have between the implementation of a new skin care regime and your wedding, the more your skin will have time to adapt and benefit from it. Often skin will “purge” (i.e. breakout), redden or peel from the application of new products and procedures, particularly if they are of clinical-grade. Skin also takes 4-6 weeks to fully benefit from many new topical products used. So, give yourself a good amount of time if you plan on implementing a new skin treatment to see results.

Where facials are concerned, getting into a once a month routine is usually ideal. If you’re reading this and only have one month until your wedding you’re better off keeping your skin-care regime as is, or just adding some gentle manual exfoliation (with a microfiber cloth, for example) to see some brightening results. This way you won’t risk getting any adverse skin reactions or inducing purging that may not fade before your wedding day.

Winner of Best Wedding Hairstyling 2010, stylist Melanie Tremblay is the owner and principal hair & makeup stylist for popular Vancouver-based Mink Hair & Makeup.

In addition to creating beautiful, contemporary looks for hundreds of bridal clients, Melanie has also worked with a diverse group of commercial and fashion clients including Hugo Boss, Faber Drive, Best Buy and the 2010 Olympic Athletes.

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