Miley Cyrus’ Ghost Manicure

Miley Cyrus tweeted this picture of her nails this week with a new manicure the likes of which we have never seen before. Her almost translucent nails are being called a ‘ghost manicure’.

According to nail stylist Jenna Hipp who spoke to Fashion Magazine about Miley’s nails she said she used Kiss Press On Nails to get the haunting effect.

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They then used HIPPxRGB nail polish designed by Jenna Hipp herself in a shade that is made to match your skin tone. Miley used the ‘T2’ shade, but to get this at home you should use a colour close to your own skin tone. The RGB Cosmetics Nail Tint comes in four shades to match your colouring. Apply lightly with enough polish to cover, but also stay sheer.

[Photo via Twitter]

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