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Beauty Review: Clearasil PerfectaWash

Clearasil has always been the top of the drugstore acne skin care products on the market. They are now hoping to change the way you wash your face with their PerfectaWash system that gives you the perfect dose of face wash to get clearer skin. We switched to Clearasil to see if it delivered results.

THE HYPE: The new skin care system is motion activated to give you the perfect amount of face wash for clear, moisturized skin.

THE TEST: Put the PerfectaWash on our counter to see if it changes our skin care regime.

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THE VERDICT: If you are anything like us, when you first see the PerfectaWash in the box you are going to want one. The counter dispenser with motion activated soap is very cool and not like something you usually have at home. The soaps are available in a few different types to work with your skin. It’s easy to use the Clearasil system. You just click the soap in place, turn it on and you are ready to go. The first time you use it, you are going to think that this isn’t enough soap, especially if you are used to lathering up with bubbles galore. Just trust Clearasil, because it will work. We tend to avoid these types of acne products because they are so harsh on your skin. They leave it red and dry. Clearasil promises not to do that and they are right. Unlike all other harsh acne products this leaves out skin feeling fresh and clean. They haven’t changed the way it works. Clearasil still isn’t a miracle and you will have to use it every day to see skin care results, but this makes washing your face a little more fun.

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