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Be Proud Of Your Underarms With Dove ClearTone Deodorant

Dove’s new ClearTone Skin Renew Antiperspirant wants to help you be proud of your underarms. With tank top and beach season quickly approaching their new deodorant is arriving on shelves just in time.

This new deodorant uses Calendula and Sunflower seed extract to moisturize your underarm skin and reduce discolouration. We tried out Dove ClearTone Antiperspirant for a month. While we can’t really say that we noticed much of a change in the colouring of our underarm skin, we can say that it is smoother than ever.

If you are sensitive to deodorants, but still want something that smells great and works, Dove is perfect. The floral smell is pretty without being strong. It hasn’t let us down for coverage yet, but doesn’t irritate our skin after a long day.

Try getting more beautiful underarms this Spring to be proud to raise your hands.

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