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Tips For Getting Stronger Spring Nails

If you have been eyeing the pretty shades of Spring nail polish, but don’t have great nails there is still hope for you to get a beautiful manicure. We have some tips for strong spring nails.

If your nails have a tendency to crack and split, keep them short. Longer nails will split easier. You should keep your nails just past the length of your fingertips. Keep them filed straight with a square appearance.

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Nail polish can dry your nails out, so if they are brittle avoid polish for a while. Keep your nails hydrated by rubbing lotion and cream into your nails.

Buffering your nails can help dull nails look shinier for an overall better appearance. It can also help with any ridges in your nails or removing yellow stains from nail polish or smoking.

A nail hardener will help strength your nails. You can also beef up on eating more almonds, yogurt, eggs, tomatoes, bananas and string beans as they contain silicon and biotin while will help naturally strengthen your nails.

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