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Spring Skin Care Tips From Dr. Julia Carroll

With Spring’s sunny temperatures just around the corner, we turned to Dr. Julia Carroll, consulting dermatologist to Vaseline, for her skin care tips for the changing season. See what Dr. Carroll recommends for both men and women to get your skin ready for Spring.

Real Style Network: How should women prepare their skin for the coming warmer temperatures?

Dr. Julia Carroll: Pay special attention to elbows, knees and feet.  These are the areas that can get extremely dry and rough over the winter.  I love Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for these parts; apply it at night before bed.  A body scrub also helps to exfoliate after your skin’s winter hibernation.  This is also a great time to ensure you are stocked up with a new sunscreen product for the summer season.

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Real Style Network: Is there anything they should change about their skin care regime come Spring?

Dr. Julia Carroll: Spring is the time when your skin makes its reappearance.  Temperatures are getting warmer, the air more humid.  With these changes, most women will find that a lighter moisturizer is the best option.  I love Vaseline Total Moisture lotion, especially the Aloe Fresh.  It’s a very effective moisturizer and it smells great too.

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Real Style Network: Is there anything men should be doing differently than women for their skin?

Dr. Julia Carroll: Because most men don’t shave areas of their bodies, such as their legs, they may need to exfoliate more than women.  A great way for men to prep for the spring and summer is to add a shower scrub to their daily routine.  This will help exfoliate skin on those areas that have been under jeans and sweaters all winter.

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