New Gel Could Stop Unwanted Hair Growth

A new drug could solve all of our shaving woes as it has been found to stop growth of unwanted hair. A group at the University of Pennsylvania has found a drug that stops hair growth when used in a gel.

The rub-on gel is made from a drug called cidofovir, which is more commonly used in the treatment of AIDS. They noticed that men who were given the injection had a lack of hair growth on their face. They are now working to see if they can develop a gel with the right amount the drug to stop hair growth in unwanted areas.

The drug was first tested on men and, according to the Daily Mail, it slowed hair growth for up to six week. They are now planning a trial with women to see if it works the same.

They are still testing the gel as they must be very careful that they get the dosage right since higher dosage can have serious side effects include fever, nausea and a drop in white blood cells.

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