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Men’s Nail Polish Is Gaining Popularity

A trend of men wearing nail polish seems to be growing in popularity with Hollywood’s leading men spotted wearing bright nail colours. What was once relegated to only rock stars may be moving into the mainstream.

According to news, nail polish companies have taken note of this trend and are developing polishes aimed at these manly men. Nail polish brand BB has a men’s polish collection with tough names like ‘Bullfighter’ and ‘Golf Pro’ trying to lure them in without feeling feminine. Evolution Man has their own male polish available in clear matte finishes and tough metallic shades.

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Don’t think that you have to go dark to be trendy. Johnny Depp, Seal, Prince Harry and David Beckham have all been spotted wearing bright shades of pink and blue on their nails in the past.

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Seeing a man at the salon beside you shouldn’t be such a shock any more, now that many salons are offering Man-icures aimed at the needs of men’s hands.

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