Go Wild With The Snakeskin Manicure

You may already use animal print nail art to get a unique manicure. Salons have taken it to the next step using real snakeskin for a wild manicure option. The snakeskin manicure, started by Terri Silacci of California, uses the shed skin of real snakes applied to your nails.

Nail technicians sanitize the snakeskin in Bio Sculpture Gel, add colour to the natural design and then protect it with a gel before it gets applied to your nails. The skin is cut to fit your nail and applied. It should last for up to two weeks. According to news, the snakeskin appliqués come in 170 possible colour combos meaning you aren’t going to run out of options any time soon! You can get the original snakeskin manicure from Terri for $300.

As far as we know animal right activists haven’t actively protested the look, but they aren’t condoning it either. Terri Silacci offers a synthetic version if you aren’t keen on using the real thing and it costs half the price of the real snakeskin.

The snakeskin manicures gained popularity after Terri was featured on The Today Show for her new nail art idea. See the piece here:

[youtube 5DPr8bIht3E]

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