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Dr. Julia Carroll’s Skin Care Tips For All Ages

As you age, your skin care routine must change to treat the needs of your skin. We turned to Vaseline’s consulting dermatologist, Dr. Julia Carroll, to get her top skin care tips for all ages. Find out what you need to focus on now and in the future.

Real Style Network: What is your top skin tip for women in their 20’s?

Dr. Julia Carroll: At this point, women should really focus on prevention.  Sunscreen is the most important product a 20 year old can use.  Also, it is a ‘must’ to avoid tanning beds.  These machines accelerate aging in the skin and can increase your chances of getting skin cancer.

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Real Style Network: 30’s?

Dr. Julia Carroll: Now is the time to be proactive.  I advise women in their 30’s to add a glycolic acid cream to their routine.  This sugar cane derived exfoliator helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and keeps skin looking fresh.

Real Style Network: 40’s?

Dr. Julia Carroll: Don’t forget your hands!  Women often focus their skin care routine on their face and neck, leaving their hands behind.  Make sure you include your hands in your daily routine so they don’t betray your age.

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