Controversial KEN Diet Arrives In Britain

There are some strange and potentially dangerous dieting techniques, but the new KEN diet (short for Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet) is a shockingly drastic take on weight loss. The KEN diet consists of eating no food for 10 days and instead surviving on an IV drip.

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The drip contains of a liquid diet of protein and nutrients that is digested through a tube inserted into your nose. You tape a pump to your stomach so that you can ingest this liquid 24 hours a day. Apparently you can drink water, tea, coffee and herbal teas with the tube inserted.

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The diet works because you are actually starving your body and won’t feel hungry after a few days. They say your body will start to use your own fat for energy on the KEN diet. According to news reports the creators claim you won’t lose any muscle mass or actually go hungry from the KEN diet.

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The diet was invented in Italy by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello who claims he has treated 40,000 patients on the KEN diet and it has now arrived in Britain where they are using it to treat obese patient. Some are saying it’s not worth the risk.

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The argument is: Is this diet safe? Doctors are saying that it is obvious that you will lose weight when you aren’t eating anything, but the rate at which you are dropping the weight and method isn’t recommended by most.

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