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Beauty Review: Prada Candy Eau De Parfum

Prada’s newest fragrance, Prada Candy Eau De Parfum, is a bit more sugary sweet scent than the luxury Italian brand is known for, and the pretty pink, orange and gold colour-blocked packaging reveals that this is a young, feminine scent- a departure for Prada’s typically more womanly, complex scents. We at Real Style Network were looking for a new soft, sweet fragrance since our very favourite is just about empty, so we tested Prada Candy out.

THE HYPE: Composed of musks with notes of caramel and vanilla, this Candy aims to please our sweet tooth without being too saccharine or shallow.

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THE TEST: See if Prada Candy satiates our desire for a little taste (well, smell) of dessert throughout the day.

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THE VERDICT: During the upcoming transitional month of March, we are looking for a new fragrance that isn’t too summery light nor rich and wintery. Prada Candy is delicious for any season, as it is soft, warm and delicately sweet. The vanilla and musk don’t take over, as these ingredients sometimes can, instead allowing the scrumptious (and unique) warm caramel notes to ooze through. An itty-bitty barely there spritz on the inner wrist was daytime appropriate, subtle, and neither fruity nor synthetic smelling. Just purely modern and sensual, and the perfect new scent to replace our beloved Miss Dior Cherie in terms of wearability and warm sweetness. We could eat it. Yummy!

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