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Beauty Review: Maybelline Dream Collection

Come Spring everything from your clothing to your perfume to your makeup gets lighter. Maybelline wants you to lighten your face with their new Dream Collection makeup. With a Blush and Airfoam and Lumi Touch Highlighting concealers, they are offering a fresh face for Spring. We tried out the line to see how light it truly is.

THE HYPE: This is Maybelline’s lightest formula yet, but still promising complete coverage that won’t harm your skin.

THE TEST: See if we feel lighter without our regular concealer on.

THE VERDICT: It’s hard to find a product that is actually like nothing you’ve ever tried before, but this Dream Collection from Maybelline comes close. The Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation really is light as air. To apply, you have to spray the foam on the back of your hand and apply it from there. It feels like it dissolves on your skin. It’s not heavy at all. There are some catches to this new concealer though. Because it is a foam it has a strange texture. It doesn’t really spread very well across your skin. If your complexion is anything like ours, it may leave  your skin feeling a bit sticky and very dry. We found that heavy duty moisturizer is key to use with this. We had to finish with a powder to cover up that tacky feeling on our face. It is such a different consistency that it takes a bit to get used to how different it is. Forget everything you know about liquid concealer if you want a lighter version.

On the other side, the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer is easy to use. If you are looking for a new concealer, this one is just as good as any. As the collection suggests it goes on light and gives decent coverage. It does it’s job, but unlike the other products in the Dream Collection there is nothing special about it.

The Dream Bouncy Blush is interesting. It is a cream to powder base meaning while it looks and wears like a powder it’s actually a cream. Once you get the hang of applying it, this blush looks amazing on. It’s so natural and really lightweight on your skin.

If you want to transform your look for Spring, the Maybelline Dream Collection will give you a fresh and pretty face.

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