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Beauty Review: Guerlain Shalimar Initial L’Eau

Guerlain’s Shalimar perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925 as a tribute to a legendary love story and has been a classic ever since. To this day, Shalimar is adored by women around the world. The classic scent is getting a 2012 update with the Guerlain Shalimar Initial L’Eau, a lighter version of the classic scent. With a soft floral bouqet, this new Shalimar could be the perfect way to start Spring.

THE HYPE: The original Shalimar has been around for over 80 years. That is more than just hype. Can the new version live up to the high standards of the original?

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THE TEST: See if we want to keep this scent around for a lifetime.

THE VERDICT: Guerlain has done it again! For us, this new Shalimar Initial L’Eau is like being wrapped up in the aroma of romance. It’s soft, light, floral fragrance is gentle like baby powder on your skin. This twist on the original classic fragrance is perfect for Spring, because it’s light and airy, but makes you want to come back for more. The warm vanilla tones help make it more than just your average floral fragrance. It’s a warm Spring scent that avoids ever becoming too sweet. It’s intimate and romantic, but still strong enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone you pass.

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