How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Between the warmer weather and Spring vacation, we’re sure you will be spending more time out in the sun soon. You need to remember to protect your hair from sun damage if you’re planning on soaking in more rays. You wouldn’t forget to wear sunscreen, so give your hair the same special treatment. Signs of sun damage can include faded colour, dryness, frizz, and thinning hair. Use our tips to protect your locks from sun damage:

Wear A Hat – We know you probably already wear a hat to protect you from the heat, but covering up also protects your hair from the sun. Your big floppy hat isn’t just a fashion statement anymore!

Deep Condition – Since the sun causes dry hair, invest in a deep conditioning treatment if you are planning on spending extended time outdoors. Deep condition once a week to restore the moisture the sun steals. Once you get into the habit of deep conditioning you are going to love the way your locks feel silky smooth.

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Invest In UV Products – UV shampoo and conditioner repairs damaged hair and contains special UV filters that will protect your hair against future sun damage. This is especially crucial if you colour your hair to stop that new shade from fading fast.

Sunscreen For Your Hair – You already apply sunscreen everywhere else, so invest in a SPF for your hair. You can find styling products and treatments with SPF included so protecting your hair doesn’t have to be an extra step in your routine. Check the SPF levels because you should be using a SPF 15 on your hair, but many products only use 10. If you don’t plan ahead, you can always apply your regular sunscreen to your hair.

Insert all of these easy tricks into your hair care routine and you will notice the results of soft beach hair.

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