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Beauty Review: Playboy Play It Rock Perfume

Playboy has introduced a new edgy scent to their Playboy Play fragrance collection, Play It Rock. This sweet and spicy scent is meant to release your fiery side. We gave this fragrance a spritz to see if it really could give us rock star edge.

THE HYPE: What girl doesn’t want to channel their inner bad girl with the sexy side of Playboy?

THE TEST: See if this perfume brings out our wild side.

THE VERDICT: Within the cute bunny ear topped bottle lies a fragrance that is meant to be a mix of sweet and spicy. While the list of ingredients may include the scents of spicy saffron and patchouli, all we can smell is the sweetness. It made our head spin a little. It’s a powerful aroma to start, but when all of those sweet fruity and floral aromas are thrown into the mix it is too overwhelming for our noses. We imagine young girls who want to make an impression will be dousing themselves in this strong scent, but it’s too much for us.

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