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Beauty Review: L’Eau De Chloe Perfume

L’Eau De Chloe is a fresh take on the original Chloe fragrance that has been popular in the beauty department for years. The 2012 update on this classic scent is said to be a lighter, fresher Spring version on perfume. The have used light ingredients of citrus and rose to make the new scent for the warmer seasons. Real Style Network tested the perfume to see if this is true.

THE HYPE: With Spring around the corner, this light scent might be just what you need to update your perfume for the season.

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THE TEST: See if Spring comes early when we wear this Chloe perfume.

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THE VERDICT: With Spring on the horizon, this is exactly the type of light airy fragrance women are going to be hunting for. It’s soft, delicate floral aromas bring in the feel of a beautiful Spring day. You can imagine wearing it while you are out enjoying the warm sun for the first time with a picnic in a beautiful meadow. It’s the smell of blossoms blooming. L’Eau De Chloe is actually made with a rose water base along with other florals and soft fruity scents that linger lightly, but never overpower. Switch to L’Eau De Chloe this Spring if you prefer something light.

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