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Beauty Review: Biotherm Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water

Biotherm’s Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water has been developed to deliver the softest clean your face has ever felt. While some cleansers can be harsh on sensitive skin, Biotherm’s Cleansing Water promises a light, delicate wash to return your face to it’s beautiful, natural complexion. We tested out the cleanser to feel the results for ourselves.

THE HYPE: This light airy foaming water is said to cleanse even the most sensitive skin. Made with Thermal Plankton Cellular Water, a nutrient-rich fluid which holds moisture in, Biotherm promises a naturally rosy glow.

THE TEST: See if it is actually as soft on our skin as Biotherm claims this cleanser to be.

THE VERDICT: This cleansing water is meant to be the softest ever and we promise you will be surprised at how light it is in your hand. The foam is lighter than air. It’s hard to believe something this soft can possibly clean your face. It does have a slight chemical smell, which may be the thermal plankton creeping through. When you massage it onto your face it feels like you are washing with a cloud. Rinsing it off is a breeze. Since it is meant for sensitive skin, we were surprised by the rosy, red glow the Cleansing Water left on our cheeks. If it can cause redness on our tough skin, who knows what the effect would be on someone with more sensitive skin? If you want something soft, the lightness of this cleanser is worth a try. Those with sensitive skin should test it cautiously though to avoid disaster.

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