Top Beauty Trend Of 2011: Moon Manicure

From the red carpet to your local salon, ladies everywhere were sporting the moon manicure on their nails this year. It was a stylish nail trend that gave your nails a new dimension, while actually being quite easy to achieve. Prepare for the coming year, by learning how to do your own moon manicure at home with this popular 2011 post.

You may have seen the popular half-moon manicures on celebs and the runway and wished you could have this unique nail look without heading to the salon. With the right tools, your half moon manicure is just around the corner. This is one great looking manicure that is surprisingly easy to do yourself.

You first need your nail polish. Get a base coat, top coat and two contrasting colours that you think will look good together. The secret to this isĀ reinforcementĀ stickers, the stickers you put on paper to keep the holes secure. You can get these stickers at any office supply stores such as Staples or Grand & Toy.

First apply your base coat. When that is dry apply your first colour to your entire nail. Wait until that is completely dry. Once that shade is dry apply the sticker to the base of your nails. Make sure it is pressed down well so no nail polish can leak through. Also make sure that you apply the sticker at the same height on each nail to keep your look consistent. Then apply your next shade of nail polish. Wait until that is completely dry to remove the sticker and apply your top coat.

Voila, you very own DIY half moon manicure. See this in action:

[youtube iTC2vmvpTPo]

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