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Post New Year’s Skin Care Tips

So you had a great time on New Year’s Eve, but now you are suffering. You need to return to your normal glowing post-holiday skin. We have gathered a few tips on how to repair your skin after the party is over.

Drink Water – This is the key! If you take no other tips remember this! You probably already know that drinking alcohol dehydrates you. It also dehydrates your skin making it seem dry and dull. Drink water to refresh it after overindulging.

Exfoliate – Give your face and body a deep clean after all of the makeup, sweat and anything else that might be clogging your post-party pores.

Facial Masks – Pamper your face with an at home facial mask to renew and rejuvenate your skin. Using products scented like peppermint, jasmine or citrus will help you to feel more alert and recharged.

Moisturize – Along with drinking water, rehydrate your skin with an intense facial moisturizer to help smooth skin and bring back the brightness. Try the all new Garnier BB Cream, which is meant to moisturizer, correct, illuminate and protect for all in one skin care.

Foot Massage – After all of the Christmas shopping, holiday visits and New Year’s dancing, your feet deserve a rest. Use an intense moisturizer rubbed in deep to penetrate tired skin.

Eye Cream – Apply an eye cream to get rid of those dark puffy circles. Use an eye roller with caffeine for long term results and an eye cream concealer for day to day coverage.

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