Perfume Developed To Smell Like Blood

An Italian company has developed a new line of unisex perfumes based on the smell of the four different blood types. Blood Concept is said to be a “celebration of the of the vivid and fascinating liquid that flows through our veins.”

They have used mainly natural scents to develop the four key perfume formula’s: A, B, AB and O. They are said to have the actual smell of blood.

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The scents are as follows: A is a natural clean scent using tomato leaves and basil. B is a spicy, woody fragrance with pepper, black cherry and pomegranate. AB is described as “visionary” with hints of aluminum, slate and pebble. O is said to be primitive with hints of thyme, raspberry, leather and birch.

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The packaging follows the creepy theme as the perfumes come with eye droppers to apply it.

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