New Breast Pillow Designed To Eliminate Chest Wrinkles

Intimia has developed a new breast pillow to be worn while you sleep that claims to reduce chest wrinkles.

This ‘pillow’ is slipped over your head and the straps are adjusted around your body, crisscrossing over your back.  It contours to fit in the middle of your chest comfortably to prevent the skin from creasing. According to the manufacturer, this pillow will stop new wrinkles from forming and slightly reduce and lines you currently have.

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Sleeping on your side causes chest wrinkles when creases form on your skin, causing the collagen to break down. This pillow is supposed to stop the skin from creasing while you sleep .

Intima’s website claims it is made to fit women of all shapes and sizes without constricting blood flow.

You can try out this pillow at home for yourself for $59. Watch this ad for the Intimia pillow now:

[youtube WPfcOp3FAhE]

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