Interview: Jayde Nicole Talks Fitness & Beauty

Canadian model Jayde Nicole previously made headlines as Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year and on MTV’s, The Hills. Now her experience keeping fit for the camera is taking her on a different path, teaching others how to get in shape through her Jayde Nicole Fitness system. We spoke to Jayde about her passion for fitness and got a few beauty tips from the model herself.

Real Style Network: Have you always been a health and fitness fanatic?

Jayde Nicole: Yes! I have been a vegetarian since I was about 4 years old. No one else in my family was, so as a child my diet was not great. When I turned about 12 I was told by my doctor I was malnourished, and anemic among other things. I started reading books, visiting nutritionists, and trainers really trying to understand my body and what it needed so that I could be completely healthy. Since then I have been a health and fitness junkie. I love learning about foods that can make your hair grow, your skin clear, reduce stress, reduce your chances of cancer. Pretty much anything you need can be done through a proper diet and fitness program.

Real Style Network: Can you tell us a little about Jayde Nicole Fitness?

Jayde Nicole: JNF is a fitness & nutrition mega site. You can become a member for just $3 a week and we custom build a day to day meal plan including your exact caloric breakdown and recipes, we also custom build a fitness program depending on each users goals. These include comprehensive videos for each exercise and a tracking program for your success. We also have out “Locker Room” which is kind of like a social area for the members to discuss anything they like and also ask me questions, I answer every one myself! In addition we offer an amazing line of supplements, from fat burners and cellulite killers to fat free proteins, cleanses, and multi vitamins. It’s a one stop shop for anyone trying to lose weight, get in shape or start a healthier life style.

Real Style Network: When starting a health/fitness program, a lot of us start out strong, but then lose our motivation quickly. How does Jayde Nicole Fitness help?

Jayde Nicole: I always tell people to write down their feelings when they are at their most motivated and keep it where they can always see it! Also getting a diet/exercise partner will always help your chances of success. And lastly setting reasonable specific goals for yourself and celebrating each time to reach one. Success is addicting. The more you know you are being successful in your program the happier and more eager you will be to keep going!

Real Style Network: What’s the number one beauty product that’s always in your purse?

Jayde Nicole: Chap stick! A dry lip is very unattractive, and I don’t like doing a gloss during the day or while I am working out, it’s just a little too much. So I always have a nice raspberry lip balm and apply all day long.

Real Style Network: Do you have any beauty tips/tricks you can share with our readers?

Jayde Nicole: Ohh I have hundreds, lol. If I had to choose one easy one with a lot of impact it would be to drink 1-3 cups of green tea a day. Or take a supplement with green tea extract in it like my Hair, Skin & Nails Miracle Formula. It is so good for your skin, anti aging for your entire body and shows amazing statistics in preventing many different types of cancers! It’s also zero calories and speeds up your metabolism, which is good for the diet.

Real Style Network: Can you tell us a little about the Jayde Nicole Charity Fund?

Jayde Nicole: The JNF Charity fund supports several well known and smaller animal rescue charities. Animals have always been my passion. It breaks my heart to see one without a loving home or proper medical care, so we do all we can to help!

Real Style Network: We loved you on Holly’s World. Do you plan to return for another season?

Jayde Nicole: Even though they made me play the villain it was still fun. lol. There will not be a return of Holly’s World, but we did just finish filming a pilot for a new fitness makeover show all about JNF!

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