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Fragrance Tips From Expert Jan Moran

Take the guesswork out of fragrances with tips on all things perfume from expert Jan Moran. Jan perfected her nose for fragrances in the perfumeries of Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio before going out on her own. She’s now the creator of Scentsa for Sephora, author of the Fabulous Fragrances books and the upcoming novel, Scent Of Triumph due out on Valentine’s Day. We spoke to Jan to get her tips on how to choose the best fragrance, how to apply it and how to make it last.

Real Style Network: What are your tips for finding the right fragrance in the beauty aisles?

Jan Moran: Experimenting is the best way to find the right fragrance for you, but don’t try too many at once as it can overwhelm your senses. First, consult a fragrance guide or an in-store system, such as the Scentsa touch-screen system at Sephora, to determine what fragrances you’d like to try.  Next, test on blotter strips.  Finally, test the top four on your skin, and let them develop for a few minutes. If you still like the scent thirty minutes later it’s probably a good choice for you.

Real Style Network: What is the proper way to apply perfume?

Jan Moran: For an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, spraying fragrance will result in a finer, more even application.  For parfum, or perfume formulations, dabbing at the pulse points warms the rich elixir.  Best places on the body to apply include wrists, inside of elbows and knees, neck, ankles, and between the breasts.

Real Style Network: Are there any tricks for making your perfume last longer?

Jan Moran: The best way to make perfume last is to layer it. Here’s how to layer fragrance: Begin with scented soap or bath oil, follow with scented body lotion or crème, dust with scented powder and for the finale, and indulge in a luxurious spritz of the liquid aroma. Use products from the same brand, or in the same scent family, for example, florals, citrus, spices, or woods.  Another benefit to layering is it results in a more even application of the fragrance.

Real Style Network: Do perfumes go bad? How long can you keep a bottle of perfume?

Jan Moran: Perfumes can spoil if left in areas of direct sunlight or extreme heat. Fragrance companies say perfume has a shelf life of twelve to eighteen months after opening, or up to three years if tightly sealed.  But test for yourself; we have had fragrances last even longer. Remember, if you find your fragrance looking thicker or darker, it is spoiling and the scent may be altered.  Use it or lose it!

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