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Easy Tricks To Help You Look Younger

Another year has passed and you still aren’t getting any younger. If you don’t want to get any older in 2012 either, we found some easy tricks that will help you look younger this year.

Exfoliate – Use exfoliators made of natural sea salts or sugar below your neck and on your upper arms to remove dead skin cells and get a healthy glow. Use lotions and exfoliators daily on the back of your arms to keep dead skin from building up and blocking follicles.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Ensure you have enough Omega-3’s can heal dry, red, flaky skin. They ensure your skin stays naturally soft and smooth.

Shower Carefully – Use a soft soap on your skin to ensure you don’t dry it out and remove natural oils. Using a shower puff helps ensure there is more air in your soap.

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Sunscreen – Increase your daily sunscreen SPF to 30. Protecting your skin from the sun more can make a big difference.

Remember To Protect All Body Parts – Many women only moisturizer and protect their face when they want to look younger. Your neck, chest and hands can also reveal your true age, so use the same protects there to ensure you look young all over.

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