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Best Foundations For Women Over 30

We have picked our top foundations for women over 30. As with all skin care products, trying a product on your individual skin is the best way to determine its efficacy. Get a small sample of each product – Sephora is good for that – wear for the day and then pick the one that works the best!

Clinique Even Better Makeup, $26 – According to our poll of women, this makeup from Clinique can truly be a blessing for aging skin. The foundation works to even skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots. It also works to prevent any future spots, so the more you use the lighter the age spots will get.

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Lancome Absolue BX Makeup, $60 – Lancome states that this foundation is made to give your skin a lifted appearance. The formula claims to moisturize to tighten and lift your face. Through special pigments in the foundation, coverage is also said to blur lines for up to 12 hours adding to the appearance of wrinkle free skin. Again, seeing is believing. Try it on first.

CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Foundation, $9 – This affordable foundation from CoverGirl is said to take 5 years off of your face. This is CoverGirl’s best selling product and that it itself should tell you something! The product claims that it will fill lines and wrinkles for a younger look. Pair with the Advanced Radiance Powder to even any skin tone issues. Definitely worth a try.

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Sue Debitt Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation, $40 – This light as air foundation is made to sit on top of your skin, which is perfect for mature skin. It won’t settle into your lines, but give even coverage. Natural ingredients help lock in moisture which is crucial to looking younger and protect from the elements. Seaweed ingredients revive the skin, while chamomile will soothe.

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