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Beauty Review: Olay Pro X Clear

You probably already knew about Olay’s popular Pro X line, but did you know there was also a Pro X for those prone to acne. They have created an acne line for adults that you won’t be embarrassed of.  We tested out the Pro X Clear collection to see if it kept our skin smooth and blemish free throughout the holidays.

THE HYPE: All of Olay’s time tested skin care knowledge packed into a line of acne fighting products.

THE TEST: See if this line can keep us free from acne.

THE VERDICT: We tried out the entire line of acne fighting Olay products including the 3 step skin cleansing treatment in the Acne Protocol, the UV Moisturizer and the Intensive Refining Sulfur Mask. The mask gives you the fastest results. If you want a quick solution this would be our recommendation. It is a deep cleaning mask that you can really feel getting into your pores. We wouldn’t recommend buying anything else in the line if you aren’t willing to start with this. It helps to get your skin on the path to acne freedom. The other products work more to keep it up. The Acne Protocol kit is more your day-to-day cleansing system that promises none of the harsh dryness of other acne products. That is only half true. While it does have a chemically smell, it isn’t as harsh as some, but it is still an intense clean. We found our skin was a little bit red after using the Cleanser, Treatment and Lotion. It quickly went away though when we used the Moisturizer. This was probably our favourite part of the system. A moisturizer that understands acne prone skin! It is very light on your face and the perfect thing needed to soothe your skin after the intense cleaning it just got. It’s light though and doesn’t clog your acne prone pores. Ladies who are embarrassed of still suffering from occasional adult acne should switch their regular Pro X for Pro X Clear to stay beautiful and blemish free!

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