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Beauty Review: Guerlain Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The always luxurious Guerlain Spring 2012 makeup collection has arrived ready to bring a bright and light face to the world. This season their Les Roses Et Le Noir collection is based on pinks and blacks. They want to allow you to use light pretty pinks on your face will keeping your lashes a dark contrasting black. We tested a few of Guerlain’s spring products to see if we get in the mood for Spring.

THE HYPE: Pink is a huge trend for Spring, not only in makeup, but fashion too. Guerlain could help us master this trend in a flash.

THE TEST: Apply some pinks and then some black to see the results.

THE VERDICT: We tested out the Meteorite Cruel Gardenia Iridescent Illuminating Powder and KissKiss Gloss Extreme Shine for the pink side of the collection. Boy did we ever have a Spring shine. The Illuminating Powder looks too pretty to use in it’s delicate flower pattern. It almost hurts to touch a brush to the pretty design. Once you do put it on you will find you have an all over shine. It’s a very light shine that doesn’t make your sparkle in the light, but radiates your skin. It is meant to give you a healthy glow, but the shimmer is a bit too unnatural for that. The KissKiss gloss offers equally high shine. This is the most intense shine lip gloss we have ever come across. If you want serious gloss on your lips look no further. Even better is that it last a long time. This gloss really sticks to your lips and won’t wipe off on your cup. It has the faintest hint of colour, so you may want to apply over something. If you want to shine this Spring, hit the Guerlain counter now.

As for the blacks, Guerlain has their innovative Mascara Noir G de Guerlain. This little mascara package is very inventive. It comes in it’s own jewel case complete with a mirror, so you can apply and touch up wherever your go. It’s also refillable, which is ingenious, expect that we have no idea where to go to get our refilled or how much it costs. If it was worth it, we would do it, but something tells us we would rather skip the inconvenience to just buy a new mascara. For a collection that highlights the use of black, Guerlain’s mascara is actually quite light. We were expected something with more umph, to really highlight and define our lashes. It is a nice mascara, but nothing special. It’s all flash in the packaging for something fairly simple.

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