New Procedure Promises To Make You Hair Free

Hair removal can be a big job for ladies. All of the tweezing, shaving, waxing and threading takes up a lot of time. A new treatment developed in Israel is helping blondes go hair free.

Applisonix is a new treatment, which uses ultrasound waves to destroy your hair follicles meaning nothing can grown back. The technician will use a tweezer-like device to send the waves through your hair to the root where it destroys it immediately.

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As you can imagine this is a slow process, so it is currently only being used on small areas of hair and on hair long enough to be reached by the tweezers. This doesn’t leave many options, but could be perfect for some ladies just needing a touch up.

Those who have tried Applisonix for their own say it is fairly pain free and doesn’t affect the surrounding skin or leave redness. The developers are already looking into how this ultrasound technology can be improved to speed up the process and be developed in an at home form. Hopefully they will also create a way for those with darker hair to get treated too, because right now only those with light hair can undergo the procedure. Keep an eye out for this new hair removal process to be coming your way soon.

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