Holiday Fragrance Gift Ideas

This holiday season make her smile with a bottle of the hottest perfumes of the season with a holiday fragrance gift set. There are so many of these fragrance sets on the market that it can get confusing. If you need a hint as to what she wants, check out our five favourite holiday fragrance gift sets for all of the ladies in your life:

If you don’t have a lot to spend on designer perfume, the Marc Jacobs rollerball set will impress every girl. His fragrances are modern classics and light enough for most. At under $50, they will make a big impact for a great price.

Say ‘I Love You’ with Vera Wang’s latest fragrance, Lovestruck. This scent is for the romantic in us all, so young couples and newlyweds are sure to score with this scent.

For the serious diva, Burberry Body‘s luxury gift set is the way to go. While it is a pricey fragrance option, it is also the must have scent of the year.

If you are looking for a scent for your party girl, club hopping friend, try the bold scent of Juicy Couture’s fragrance. This scent is sweet, fruity and demands attention, just like her. She will love the bright pink packaging and matching lotion and wash.

The must have gift for all of the young girls is Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck scent. This gift set is going fast and is already sold out in many stores. Taylor Swift fans must have this under the tree come Christmas morning.

Shop the Look
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