Copy Scarlett Johansson’s Red Carpet Makeup

At the We Bought A Zoo premiere, Scarlett Johannson returned her signature retro hair and makeup to the red carpet. We will be seeing a lot more of her, as she appears in the film with Matt Damon and then in next year’s The Avengers. To achieve her dazzling and smokey eye look is as simple as ever and we love that she chose a shimmery blue eye shadow for this look. Her beauty transformation is something we would like to see more of this holiday season.

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No matter what occasion, Scarlett always manages to look her best. To get her radiant glow, choose a long lasting foundation and a concealer to cover up those dark circles. No need to cake on the blush, since you want people to concentrate more on the smoky eye you have going on.

The eyes are where you are allowed to have fun. We chose Stila’s Eye Shadow in Poppy, as it gives your eyes that nice smoky blue shimmer. Follow up with a mascara to elongate your lashes. Cargo Lash Activator is a top seller and favoured by very many.

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Aside from this being a dramatic holiday makeup look, your eyes are bold enough already, so choose a lip colour that’s light and sheer to balance everything out. Finish off by styling your hair into effect by using a volumizing spray to keep your strands in place for a long lasting wear.

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