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Beauty Review: The Body Shop White Musk Libertine

White Musk from The Body Shop has been a classic fragrance at the store for years. Now they are giving the scent a new look and smell with their White Musk Libertine twist on the scent. By adding new dimensions to the smell, they are hoping to please old fans, while attracting some new ones in the process. Does this new White Musk live up to the standards of the classic?

THE HYPE: Another new update on this Body Shop classic including notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and chantilly cream.

THE TEST: See if Libertine can replace our love of the original scent.

THE VERDICT: Since we first smelled it, the original White Musk has been a favourite in our perfume choices. Fans of the original maybe surprised by this new version of the scent. It is not what you remember. That said, it is more unique and original. There are new fruity and floral hits in this fragrance that really make it stand out. It’s unlike almost all other smells. It is almost tangy in it’s scent. It can be very strong, but there is also something subtle about it. It has a lot of layers that make it such an interesting scent. We are still finding different notes in it. This also means you could go either way about it. We find we are even still torn over it after wearing it for weeks. Some days it is exactly the romantic musk we need, other days the florals and sweetness about it are just too overwhelming. Next time you are in the body shop take a whiff of this new smell to see if it hits the spot.

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