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Beauty Review: Hydra Mar Body Scrub Antioxidant

Hydra Mar is a natural bath and body line hoping to give you smooth winter skin using natural products. Infused with jojoba beads, calendula extract, aloe, and honey, this exfoliating scrub promises to smooth, nourish and rejuvenate your skin in time to cuddle by the fire on Christmas Eve. We tested out this bath product to see if we felt silky smooth.

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THE HYPE: This body wash uses natural ingredients to exfoliate your body and promsing to rejuvenate your skin.

THE TEST: Scrub away and wait for the refreshed new skin to emerge.

THE VERDICT: After one shower with the Hydra Mar body wash, you will know if its for you or not. This is not like your other shower gels. While Hydra Mar may use natural ingredients and be hypoallergenic, it’s definitely not soft and smooth on the skin to leave you feeling refreshed. This is a rough exfoliator that feels like it is giving you a deep clean. This can be a plus for those who like a serious scrub in the shower, but not if you are looking for a relaxing gentle bath. Add to that the oddly bitter and sour smell to the soap and you get an experience that is hard to compare. If you need something that offers a no nonsense deep clean maybe this soap is for you, but don’t add it to your home spa day.

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