Top Beauty Trend of 2011: Retro Hair & Makeup

We couldn’t look back at this year’s beauty trends without mentioning the popular retro hair and makeup. From the stars of Pan Am to The Help to Amber Heard in The Rum Diary everyone was sporting a retro coif, sexy bedroom eyes and red lips. We look back here at how to get Amber Heard’s sultry makeup from The Rum Diary in time for next year.

This month the already gorgeous Amber Heard goes retro when she slips in character as boho Chenault in the Johnny Depp flick, The Rum Diary. For the role, she injects her naturally sexy style with retro trends that suit the sultry star perfectly. In this shot from the film, we see Amber in typical 50s style makeup with the bold red lip as the spotlight.

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Copy Amber’s retro makeup by getting your own red lipstick. Choose a luxury brand to get colour that stays all day long. For your face use a light foundation, like our Lancome Powder Foundation that won’t melt under the heat. For her Puerto Rico sunkissed glow a light bronzer along your nose, cheeks and forehead (where the sun would naturally tan you) will make it look like you’ve been spending your days on the beach. Keep you eyes light with a smoky grey eye liner and neutral brown eye shadow to give them a hint of colour.

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