Relax With A Shell Massage

Bring the beach life home with you and get a shell massage on your next spa trip. This new technique will have you being rubbed down with the textured outside of an Asia tiger clams or large Lava Shells.

For this types of massage the seashells are filled with a pouch of minerals and salt water that is used to either heat or cool the outside of the shell during your rub down. Warm shells can be used on the skin to help renew the skin and make it appear healthier. In a detox massage, the shells are cooled and rubbed along your stomach, legs and abdomen. Sometimes massage therapists will use both heated and cooled.

While the motion of the shells on your skin is calming, your should know that a detox shell massage is also meant to work as a colonic to help you in cleansing your system and in weight loss. This means you will be feeling some motion inside your stomach and intestines during the treatment. It can also help with bloating and menstrual cramps.

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