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Top Men’s Skin Care Tips

While you may never had thought about it, men and women clearly have different skin care needs. Men’s skin differs from women’s in a number of ways, but unfortunately most don’t take the time to give their face the proper attention it deserves. Candace Chen, the founder of a men’s skin care line Facelube, reveals the differences men should note about their skin. They may not want to admit it, but men don’t want to look old either, so check out these tips to help them stay youthful.

Chen says men’s skin is often oily due to testosterone, but as they get older their skin dries out quicker than they average woman. They also tend to have thicker skin and smaller glands meaning it is harder for them to get moisture into their drying skin. Of course they are much rough on their faces with years of shaving. All of this adds up to skin that gets dry fast and is more susceptible to weather damages, fine line, wrinkle and generally looking older than they should (or could).

Men need to be careful to choose skin care products that work for them, not just whatever their wife uses. For a cleanser, men should find one that is powerful, but also gentle. Moisture is very important and your everyday soap will strip that away. Something specially made for the face is important. They should also take extra care to exfoliate as much as, if not more than the woman in their life.

Next, men should find a product that will protect their skin. Treatments that lock in moisture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keep your skin balanced are crucial. Sealing in the moisture is key for men. There are a number of manly anti-aging products on the market that fill all of these needs without smelling and looking too girly.

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