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Holiday Treats That Are Bad For Your Skin

While we love to indulge this time of year, not all of those yummy holiday treats are good for you. We already know what they do to your waistline, but dermatologists Dr. Paul Friedman and Dr. Susan Stuart have news that over indulging can also have effects on your skin. See what to avoid this season to stay fresh:

Sugar/Sweets – Sugary treats like candy canes and gingerbread speeds up breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. This makes your skin weaker causing dreaded wrinkles.

Processed Meats – These easy luncheon options are high in sodium causing you to retain water and swell. Swelling and deflating from these foods can hurt the natural elasticity in your skin making it loose.

Alcohol – We all know that indulging in too many cocktails over the season wreaks havoc on your whole system. Drinking too much dehydrates your skin a lot causing a host of problem if your skin doesn’t get back the moisture it needs.

Caffeine – While some caffeine can be good for your skin, drinking too much tea, coffee and hot chocolate can dehydrate your body leaving your skin dry. It also effects your system, which can lead to sleepless nights and stress causing breakouts.

Dairy – Those prone to oily skin and acne should skip the egg nog this season. Hormones in dairy products effects your own natural hormones causing acne and oily skin for anyone.

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