Copy Lauren Conrad’s Retro Beauty

Lauren Conrad has come a long way since she first appeared on MTV’s, Laguna Beach and The Hills. Lauren has gone from a California girl to a beauty pro, who is helping us get excited about her upcoming beauty book by walking the red carpet with this glamourous retro hair and makeup. Like what you see? Now you can show off those beautiful features with this refined and sexy look.

Conrad has fair skin complexion, so a solid SPF foundation that covers all areas of your face is very important. Always remember to keep it light on the foundation, as you do not want it to look caked on. To achieve Conrad’s bright bold eyes, resort to a white shimmering eye shadow as opposed to a darker shadow. Adding a black liquid eye liner on the top of both eye lids will draw attention to your eyes and make them pop. Elongate those beautified lashes by using a mascara that is not too thick and coats each lash to its right extent. Complete your look with a peachy blush for those rosy cheekbones and a dark pink lip stick for a more vibrant approach. Last but not least, style those natural, wavy locks into a loose and messy bun for a dainty and laid back look.

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[Photo via Startraks]

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