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Botox – Still the Best Treatment for Wrinkles?

For women around the world, the need to reduce the look of wrinkles is a top priority. For many years now, Botox has been the go-to option for women seeking a smooth, line-free face, but is it still the best option? We decided to ask our skin care expert Dr. Solish for his thoughts on the subject.

Q: Is Botox still the best choice for minimizing wrinkles or is there a better option?

A: Botulinum toxins still are the main stay treatments for relaxing lines in the forehead, crow’s feet and frown area. They are safe, having been around for over 20 years, reliable, and extremely effective.

Dr. Nowell Solish, M.D., FRCP is an Assistant Professor and director of Dermatologic surgery at The University of Toronto, as well as the co-director of the Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer clinic at Women’s College. He is also a member of the American and Canadian Societies for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Solish’s interviews on skin care include appearances on ABC news, CBC news, Global Television, The National, CBC Radio, and Citytv to name a few.

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