Tips On How To Get Your Skin Ready For Winter

Battling winter air can be quite the struggle to endure, especially when it comes to your skin. Thankfully, there are simple ways to maintain a healthy glow for the upcoming season. Use these tips to get your skin ready for the upcoming harsh winter weather:

1. Skip on the hot showers. It may seem very enticing to relax in a warm and steamy shower, however, hot water strips off the natural oils on your skin, leaving your skin all dried out. Avoid hot showers and instead take a luke-warm shower (or bath, whichever you prefer).

2. Choose your cleansers wisely. Certain soaps and cleaners can leave skin feeling dry, flakey and itchy. Having said this, it is recommended that you stay away from regular bar soaps, as they tend to project irritation and fragrances. Using a fragrance-free soap — or less soap — will help prevent skin problems from occurring.

3. Lower your thermostat. It’s winter, it’s freezing out and the first thing that automatically pops in your head is to turn up the heat. Unfortunately, doing so can make your house even drier, so setting your thermostat at a comfortable setting (68°F to 72°F) will keep your skin looking a lot healthier.

4. Change your facial skin care this season. Using cream-based cleansers, with little or no alcohol, during the winter months will help sustain luminosity, as well as replenish your face. At night, apply a rich moisturizer to your face.

5. Drink plenty of water this season, in order to keep your skin hydrated. Water also forbids any signs of aging that may appear out of the blue.

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