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Pastry Chef Creating Fragrance Desserts

Pastry chef Jordi Roca is taking some of your favourite fragrances and creating delicious desserts based on their scents. There are many dessert scented fragrances, but this is the first we’ve heard of it going the other way around.

According to news reports, Roca started by creating a dish inspired by Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance. The chef blended mandarin orange granite with orange flower gelee, basil and vanilla cream.

Now if you visit his restaurant, Celler de Can Roca, he has 24 desserts based on fragrances including on from Lancome and Hermes.

He has also developed a citrus perfume. His Llimona fragrance is said to smell like milk cream, brown butter and lemon sponge cake. It sells for $70 at the Spanish restaurant and will start selling online soon.

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