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How to Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

Figuring out how to make your lips appear fuller is an everyday struggle for some girls. Unfortunately we are not all blessed with Angelina Jolie’s full pout. Some opt for surgical procedures to get fuller, more luscious lips, but there are makeup tricks that you can perform to trick the eye. Use these tricks to make your lips look fuller:

–          Avoid dark colours on your lips. Lighter shades and glossy finishes make your lips look larger and fuller. Try a pink gloss for maximum trickery.

–          Exfoliate your lips with a brush. This will help circulation and make them plumper for that hot date.

–          Putting a gloss in the middle of your lips only gives the appearance of a fuller pout. Try Avon’s new Pro Luscious Pout Lip Colour which comes with a matching shade of gloss to give you the perfect look.

–          Apply a thin line of soft brown eyeshadow under your lower lip to give the illusion of a shadow.

–          Cover your lips with foundation that matches your skin, then line your lips with a lip liner just outside of the natural line of the lip. Follow the shape exactly. Apply a lipstick inside your outline being very careful not to go outside the new lip line.

–          Wearing oversized sunglasses actually gives the illusion that your lips are bigger.

–          Highlight the cupid’s bow (the m-shape on the top your lips) with a gold or white pencil or light concealer.

–          There are lip plumping glosses and lipsticks on the market, but be careful if you have sensitive skin as these can cause reactions.

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[Photo via Shazeen Samad]

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