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How To Keep Your Nails Strong

Some are blessed with naturally strong fingernails, while others are in a constant struggle to keep their fingernails from breaking. Genes play a big role in how strong your nails are, but there are ways you can help (or harm) your nails. Hopefully these tricks will help you in getting a gorgeous manicure without having to get fake nails.

–          Keep your nails hydrated. Most nails crack when they are dry and brittle. Rubbing Vaseline, olive oil or a nail moisturizer into your nails and cuticles every day to keep them strong. Damaged and dry cuticles effect your entire nail and weaken it.

–          Weak nails that bend often can use the assistance of a nail strengthener. This will help the keratin in your nails thicken up. Use a strengthener for a few weeks to help make your nails stronger.

–          Wear gloves when you do housework. All of the chemicals you use when cleaning your house and washing dishes can have a negative effect on your fingernails. Cover them with rubber gloves whenever you clean house.

–          Buff and polish your nails. Buffing or massaging your fingernails keeps them strong, shiny and increases blood flow. This means your nails may even grow faster. By adding nail polish on top you are protecting it from the elements.

–          Avoid acrylic nails. We know you want your nails to look great, but if you want them to be natural you will have to avoid fake nails for the time being to ensure your nails are healthy.

Don’t forget that everyone’s nails grow at their own rate and things like the weather and hormones can affect how your nails grow. So be good to your nail and be patient.

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