Anti-Aging Honey Buzzing In The Beauty Aisles

Beauty fanatics may be craving the sweet smell of honey soon if the Active Chilean Rainforest Honey product lives up to its claims to reverse the ageing process by up to 10 years. In all of the time we have been savouring the sweet treat, who knew you could also be smoothing it on your face to look younger too.

Active Chilean Rainforest Honey claims to smooth lines, tighten skin, reduce stretch marks and stop sunburn peeling all while also being edible. The product is different from your grocery store brand in that this is raw honey containing more vitamins and nutrients. It even contains natural hydrogen peroxide and locals use it on small cuts.

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It is a multi-use product which can be slathered on your face, hands and body to see results. It also comes in different strengths from everyday to strong. While it is sticky, reviews are positive.

This year sales of the honey products have boomed in the US and it has launched in the UK, where they truly appreciate fringe beauty products. There were thousands of pre-orders on the product before it launched last month. It is available now in the UK for 8 pounds for a 227g bottle.

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