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How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

Many of us have sensitive skin and don’t know how to get relieve from the uncomfortable feeling. With the dry winter air blowing in soon, it’s time to ensure your skin is healthy enough to combat the changing seasons. We found some tips on how to care for your sensitive skin now, before it’s too late.

– Choose mild, fragrance free products. Not only for your body and face wash, but also when choosing moisturizers, detergents, fabric softeners. Think of anything that will come in contact with your skin on a day to day basis.

– Watch what you eat or drink and how it affects your skin. Things like spicy food and alcohol can change the way your skin feels. You may want to see a doctor to find out if there are any other products which you are particularly sensitive to.

– Avoid harsh cleaning products that offer deep cleaning such as brushes, loofahs or exfoliants.

– Use extra moisturizer these coming months as the winter is especially hard on your skin.

– Read labels carefully. Perfume free doesn’t always mean unscented. Hypo-allergenic means it doesn’t have common skin irritants in it. Be wary of products including ingredients of carboxylate, sulfonate or sulfate ions as they commonly irritate the skin.

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