How to Create Hair Buns & Hair Knots

Some of our favourite young celebrities have been sporting one of the season’s must-have hair styles – the hair knot. Also known as a chignon or hair bun, this look is a timeless style that is once again trendy.  

Michelle Monaghan recently sported a hair knot at the Machine Gun Preacher premiere while Olivia Wilde was spotted with a loose, knot inspired hair bun at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Kim and Khourtney Kardashian are also huge fans of hair knots and both were recently spotted with the hair style at New York Fashion Week. Other celebs sporting the look include Lauren Conrad, Nicole Ritchie and Lake Bell.

Want to create a hair knot? Check out the video below where celebrity hair stylist Robert Steinken shows VideoJug how to create the perfect hair knot.

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