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Beauty Review: Lush Dirty Perfume

Originally released as a men’s cologne, Lush’s Dirty scent was the original in their Gorilla Perfume collection. Now they are giving the all natural scent new life with a big push in stores and online. They say that men will love to wear it and ladies will love to steal it. Should you get it now, while it’s so hot?

THE HYPE: Don’t be fooled by the name of this new scent from this brand who use all natural ingredients to create their scent.

THE TEST: Can a natural perfume really replace designer favourites? Will we be stealing a spritz from the boys department?

THE VERDICT: Ladies and gentlemen beware, there is something very addictive about being Dirty thanks to Lush.  This cologne/perfume with natural scents isn’t something your going to find in the designer shelves. It’s one of a kind and so delicious. Using natural essential oils including tarragon, lavender and sandalwood they have created a rich musk. This scent lasts and lasts on your skin and clothing all day long. Hours after you spray it, you will find yourself still getting a whiff of the scent. You never need to reapply. This is the kind of smell that will make your girl want to cuddle closer. Ladies you will be tempted to get a bottle for yourself. It’s a full scent for a strong woman with nothing sweet or girly about it. No one is going to forget you with this scent.

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