Coloured Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

By Maria Barillaro, Beauty Booty 411

Summer is the perfect time of year to ditch the usual black eyeliner and opt for something flirty and fun. Spotted on celebs like Kate Hudson, Rihanna and Rachel McAdams, colourful eyeliner is a guaranteed hit when done just right. Read on to learn about the musts and must-nots of funky eyeliner.

Do Make it the Focal Point

When wearing coloured eyeliner, remember to keep the rest of your makeup muted.  The brighter the colour, the more of a statement it’ll make, so you should allow it to command all the attention. Keep your lips and cheeks au naturel with earth tones rather than brights.

Don’t Wear Eyeshadow

While your normal black eyeliner may work well with complementary eyeshadow, colourful eyeliner is more of a loner. Apply it thick or thin to your upper or lower lash line (or both!), but use it in place of your usual eyeshadow. If you feel bare without any at all, turn to a nude, matte powder. Rainbow brights are totally in – you just shouldn’t wear them all at once.

Do Experiment with Colour

One of the best things about summer is the opportunity it gives us to play with colour both in our wardrobes and in our makeup collections. If black eyeliner is your go-to colour all year, switch it up with a funky colour that really stands out. There is a shade of every colour for each person so never feel limited and don’t even dare utter the phrase, “That colour just doesn’t suit me.” Purple, pink, turquoise, orange – try any of all of  ‘em for an unexpectedly gorgeous gaze.

Don’t Wear False Lashes

Don’t get us wrong. We love us some falsies from time to time but with coloured eyeliner, they just don’t fit. The extra long, lush lashes will only take away from your funky liner. Plus, without your usual black eyeliner to cover up, you also run the risk of leaving a few traces of lash glue behind for all to see, which will definitely still make a statement – just not in a good way.


Maria Barillaro began her career working full-time for LOULOU Magazine. From online copy editor to beauty editor, she quickly discovered that her adventures in beauty product testing were the beginning of a new and unforeseen career path. Now freelancing for online publications like Reader’s Digest and Best Health, this web savvy beautista also works around the clock on her very own blog: Beauty Booty 411. Whether it’s the buzz on the latest trends, hottest new beauty goodies, tips or advice, Maria has it all. [Photo Copyright of Suzie Frias]

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