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Beauty Review: Nicole By OPI’s Shatter Nail Polish

Ever since the release of OPI’s shatter nail polish, the treatment has been a huge hit. They have been adding shatter shades to every new line. Now their Nicole by OPI line gets its own shatter nail polish with this sparkling gold shade.

THE HYPE: This gold shatter nail polish top coat can add a whole new dimension to your look in time for the holidays.

THE TEST: Is this the hot new shade of the season?

THE VERDICT: Shatter polishes are not for the meek. This gold top coat is going to add some serious edge to your look. The only problem is the colour they created. You need to find a bottom nail polish colour that complements the gold. Not many colours look nice or are bold enough to stand beside a sparkling gold. A dark black or ruby red might do the trick. Second, since it is a sparkle coat, it isn’t very thick. You need to work fast with the shatter coat because they start cracking as they dry. Trying to add a second coat to get a thicker gold shade doesn’t work well. Make sure you get a thick coat the first time around. Finally, shatter coats are only for certain types of people. It gives you a unique look that girls who prefer pale neutral shades aren’t going to like. If it is for you though, this gold shatter over a dark polish will be perfect for the holidays. You can add a bold touch of gold to your nails in a totally new way. Add it to you look for that downtown New Years party for the perfect finishing touch.

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