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Beauty Review: Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance

In a special summer release, Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fragrance line presents Super G. This little crime fighting fragrance sports notes of pineapple, banana, tangerine, pear, cranberry and coconut in it’s fruit ingredient list. Can it fulfill our appetite for a summer fragrance?

THE HYPE: This scent is just limited edition for this month, so if you want it go and get it now!

THE TEST: See if this scent smells as good as it is cute.

THE VERDICT: Sometimes the ingredient list for fragrances means nothing to the outcome of the scent, but in this case it says everything you need to know. Super G is super fruity. There is no one overpowering fruit that takes control. It’s like a fruit cocktail in a spray bottle. It is strong too! You won’t be forgotten when wearing this scent. It will be something to remember. For how overpowering it is when you first spray it, Super G lightens up to a very soft feminine scent that is just barely noticeable. It’s the kind of smell you may get a whiff of as you pass by and wonder who smells so sweet. It will be you! The summer bouquet of fruity scents is a fun way for anyone to end the season. Only approach is you are looking for something bright and bold though. This youthful perfume could be your next signature scent if you get it now.

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